We take copyright infringement claims seriously. We respond to notices about copyright infringement that are alleged to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or other relevant intellectual property laws or regulations. Responses may include removal, blocking, or deactivation of so-called infringing activity, termination of user access to, or all of the above.

If you believe that any material accessible to FappyTube infringes your copyright, you may submit a copyright infringement notice (instructions for filing such an ad: “File a DMCA Notice on Copyright Infringement of Credit” To ”(see). These requests must be made by an authorized representative to act on behalf of the publisher or owner.

If we remove or deactivate access to the material in response to such notification, we will take reasonable steps to notify the user who uploaded the affected content that we have removed or disabled. The user will then have the opportunity to submit a counter notification. (See below for “Counter-Notification Procedures” for instructions on filing a counter-notification). It is our policy to document all advertisements for alleged misappropriation of loans.

All copyright infringement notices and counter-notices must be written in English. Any notice that attempts to write in foreign languages ​​or use foreign characters may be considered inappropriate and ignored by us.


If you choose to request the removal of the Content by submitting an infringement notice, please note that you are initiating a legal process. Do not lie. Misuse of this process may result in termination of your account or other legal consequences.

You can notify FappyTube of alleged copyright infringement through our form at This form is designed to help you accurately identify your content and speed up the removal process.

We also accept copyright infringement notifications in the free form. In such a case, in accordance with the DMCA, the written notice (“DMCA Notice”) should include the following:

Identify the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed, and if there are various works to claim, a representative list of such works.
Identifying the material you believe is infringing allows us to find that information in an accurate enough way. If your complaint does not contain the exact URL of the video you believe infringes on your rights, we will not be able to locate and remove it. General information about the video, such as the channel URL or username, is usually insufficient. Please enter the URL (s) of specific videos (s).
You can contact us and any information (s) you remove (including your name, mailing address, phone number and, if any, email address).
Use of what is copyrighted is a statement of good faith that is not endorsed by the copyright holder, its agent, or the law.
The information in the written notice is correct, and under an incorrect penalty, you have the sole right to claim ownership or that an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner has infringed.
Complete complaints require the physical or electronic signature of the copyright holder or an authorized agent to act on their behalf. To meet this requirement, you can type your full legal name to sign as your signature at the bottom of your complaint.
Our nominated copyright agent to receive DMCA ads:

Email: [email protected]

Please do not send any other queries or requests to our designated copyright agent. In the absence of prior express permission, our designated copyright agent is not authorized to accept or discontinue service in a formal legal process, and explicitly excludes any agency affiliation required to receive valid DMCA ads or counter-advertisements (as defined below).

If you fail to comply with all the requirements of Section 512 (c) (3) of the DMCA, your DMCA Advertising will not be effective.

Please note that if you knowingly or materially misrepresent that the information or activities on FappyTube infringe your copyright, you are liable for any damages (including costs and legal fees) under section 512 (f) of the DMCA. .

The name of the publisher will be published on FappyTube instead of the disabled content. This will become part of the general record of your DMCA ad. All information contained in a DMCA ad may be forwarded to the uploader of the true DMCA notice (including your personal information) or both infringing content. By submitting a DMCA Notice, you agree to disclose your information in this manner.


If you received a DMCA ad and you believe that the information posted on FappyTube has been removed or that access has been disabled by mistake or misidentification, you can file a counter-notification with us (“Counter Ad”). Counter notices must be submitted by the original uploader of the video or by an authorized agent to act on their behalf.

Answers should be sent to our nominated agent:

Email: [email protected]

Please do not send any other queries or requests to our designated copyright agent. In the absence of prior express permission, our designated copyright agent does not have the power to accept or suspend the service of a formal legal process and explicitly excludes any agency that is required to receive valid DMCA ads or counter-ads (as defined below).

In accordance with the DMCA, the counter notice should significantly include the following:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and physical or electronic signature;
  • Disable or disable the content of so-called infringements before access;
  • Misrepresentation or misrepresentation is a statement under penalty of error for which you believe the content has been removed;
  • A statement that you agree with the jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal District Court for your jurisdiction (or, if you are outside the United States, for any jurisdiction where you can find the operator of FappyTube), and the person who originally provided us with a DMCA notice Or the process of such a person is accepted.
We do not respond to feedback ads that meet the above requirements.

Upon receipt of your counter ad, we will forward it to the party who submitted the original DMCA ad and notify the party that the removed item can be repurchased after 10 business days. If our nominated agent did not receive notice from the party that originally filed the original DMCA notice, such party will be notified.

Please note that when we submit your counter ad, it will include your personal information. By submitting a counter notification, you agree to disclose your information in this manner. We do not refer the notice to any party other than the original owner or to the parties who assist us in enforcing the law or enforcing and protecting our rights.

You are liable for damages (including costs and legal fees) under section 512 (f) of the DMCA if you deliberately misrepresent that the material or activity of FappyTube has been removed or disabled by misidentification note.